Vibrant Kin is a collaborative intergenerational history project and exhibit of 50 years of LGBTQ activism in Cincinnati, Ohio. Cincinnati has an amazingly rich history of LGBTQ activism going back at least to 1967, but many of our community’s younger members are unfamiliar with these stories in part because they have very few opportunities to connect with the individuals who lived through them. Vibrant Kin uses events, programming, and the creation of an exhibit to share that history and bring LGBTQ Cincinnatians of all ages together to share our stories.

We’re just getting started! This winter and spring we’ll hold events throughout the community to give people a chance to get to know each other, share their stories, and contribute to the exhibit. The exhibit itself will premier (when else?) during Pride Month, and tour the city for the rest of the summer along with more programming to build on what we’ve learned.

Want to be a part of it?